Extractor issues

I recently got a blue gray omtech 500 700 mm 100 watt machine
due to my ignorance, when I wanted the device to work with ligtburn, I changed settings and now I have the following problems:
the extractor does not suck but blows and the images are mirrored in the laser.
Does anyone know a solution to this, what have I messed up?
thanks in advance
best regards

Not sure that I understand. Are you saying the exhaust fan is now turning in the opposite direction from when you first used this system?

This may be due to the setting you have for Device Origin. https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/DeviceSettings.html


This is the origin corner or 0,0 location for your laser. If you have a GCode based system, this is almost always at the front left, regardless of the location of your limit switches.

If you have a DSP laser, like Ruida or Trocen, the origin is usually where the limit switches are placed, and will be the corner the laser seeks when powered up.

If your laser output is mirrored horizontally or vertically, move the dot to the opposite corner, horizontally or vertically, depending on the direction that the output is mirrored, and that will correct it.

If you show what you currently have set, we can direct you further.

yes don’t know what happend

Did you make changes to the wiring of the exhaust? I ask because nothing in LightBurn would change the polarity or direction of the motor that turns the exhaust fan.

no I didn’t touch the machine that way.
Sorry for my english i am not a native speaker

i don’t blame lightburn either but its what is going on with my machine right now

You are doing fine, and if it is helpful, use your native language, and we can translate on this end, but you are ok.

I am not reading this as a “blame” toward LightBurn so no issue there. :wink:

You may have a hardware issue around the exhaust fan problem identified. You should reach out to the supplier for further diagnostic procedures to track this issue down.

Did you get the “images are mirrored in the laser” issue sorted?

[quote=“Rick, post:7, topic:41974”]
the “images are mirrored in the laser” issue
[/quote]hello rick,
I’ve been emailing the supplier for two weeks now, but that hasn’t offered a solution yet.
the “images are mirrored in the laser” issue hasn’t been resolved yet because I can’t send images to the laser when I do that I get the warning Y frame over size so now I’m completely stuck any idea?
best regards

We have @OrturTech here in this forum and folks that have had issues with Ortur lasers have found resolution after creating a support ticket visiting Ortur Support. If you have not done that, I would suggest this is the best next step for you.

If you are talking about the Omtech, they offer similar as well as paid support options. The fan is an issue that needs to be solved to ensure safe operation.

thanks i will try

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