Extrange banding

I made an Stamp today and get this raised lines. Don’t know if it has to be with “ramp lenght” setting,
So I made a test (diferent design) with same parameters but on mdf and without “ramp lenght” and agian get this lines raised from background coincident with text lines. Anybody experimented similar issues? Can you tell me where to look to correct this?
Engraved at 250mm/s, 80% min and max power, 430 DPI interval.(always used this settings for stamps)

I had a somewhat similar problem that Oz immediately diagnosed as being my air compressor or chiller on the same circuit as the laser. Whenever the compressor would kick on it would cause this.

Thanks for taking your time to answer.
I recently installed a solenoid and relay to automatize the air assist.
Following your advice, I disconected it from Ruida, and pluged the air assist direct to the wall. Nothing else is conected to the machine. But the problem persist

Even with it plugged into the wall, is it on the same circuit?

No. I have one for the chiller, one for the fume exahust, one for the láser and now the air assist is on a different one.

few days ago I noticed some power losing… may be the tube is getting weak and this is the problem??

I don’t know enough to say much about the tube. Just thought maybe your issue was the same as the one I experienced.

I have a dual tube/head laser sytem. I tried with the other one and no issues. SO i think is the PSU or the tube… but I bet for the tube.

Thakns Travis

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  1. Double check that you’re not sharing the same branch circuit / breaker from your electrical panel.

  2. Even if you’re on a different breaker, if you have a high motor starting and running amperage requirement anywhere on your panel causing voltage sag, that could be the issue. This is common when high current loads are not placed in the upper slots of a panel.

Never mind. :joy:. Just disregard my last message then. But I’ll keep it posted as it may be helpful for someone else as a step in diagnosing problems.

:joy: :sob: :rofl:
Thanks Jeff

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