Extreme Novice Needing Advise

I have a Eleksmaker A3 Pro Laser. I believe it is a 500mW Blue Focusable laser with Nano Board with 0.9 Firmware (I hope I got everything, including the correct terms, correct) and I am wondering if Lightburn will work with the equipment that I have?

If anyone can point me in the right direction in learning more about lasers cutting and engraving I would be very thankful. Please keep in mind I am very novice, but eager to learn everything I can. My interest are mostly hobby, making things for family and friends, and I would really like to learn as much as I can. Thanks!

If Eleksmaker has not changed everything, you should be able to run with LigtBurn. For your second question, my best and well-meaning advice is that you read everything you can find about diode lasers and LightBurn here in the forum and of course study the fine documentation and all the videos that deal with LightBurn. And then you have to test, try and you have to play with your laser to get a sense of the limits and possibilities of just your machine.
You can start with dark paper or cardboard and thin balsa wood, your 500 milliwatt laser should be able to do that, but do not expect to cut 3mm plywood or similar with your laser, it is not intended for that.
Get started and have fun.

Thank you very much!!!

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