Extreme slow down on fine details with single line engraving

Greetings. I’ve searched for this issue but haven’t found the same thing or a solution that works.

I cannot figure out how to single line engrave (low power / cut lines) The image shows the areas around the small letters where the laser head slows to a crawl and burns through the material then moves correctly on “straighter” or smooth arc paths.

200 spd 15% power produces nice clean lines. I have tried setting min power to 0, 5, 10, 15 and there is no happy setting.

I have tried slower speeds, faster speeds and mock runs with the laser off to see what the movement looks like with no improvement.
Please let me know what screen shots, files are needed to look over.

Those are all sharp corners - the laser has no choice but to slow down. Increasing your acceleration setting might help, but it may cause shake or lost steps.

Something that might work better is using Perforation Mode - it outputs dotted lines, and you can control the length of the cut/skip values. If you set it very low, like 0.1mm cut and 0.1mm skip, it’s like outputting 50% power for the line. Adjusting the ratio between the cut & skip values will adjust the overall power output - 0.05 cut and 0.15 skip, for example, would effectively be 25% power output.

I’ve used this to prevent charring when cutting paper with higher power machines, so it might help you too.

Thank you! That is useful information - I am surprised others have not reported this.

One feature request that may be useful in cases like this would be to ignore areas of a design. Could be as easy as drawing over a section and setting to ignore it. Or “ignore sharp corners” with a slider so you can see a preview of what’s being ignored. This may be a special feature that helps my situation but I think it may be useful to others

Now, I’m debating whether to install the 100W tube… That may make it more difficult to “draw” lines without cutting.

It helps to know the proper terms to search for, but it’s come up many times:

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