F1 not working and takes me to Windows Help page

When I hover over a tool and hit F1 it takes me to a Windows Help page,
how to get help in windows - Search (bing.com)
Is there any way to correct this problem?

Did you try closing the program and reopening it? I am able to hit f1 in the latest 1.1.01 version and it takes me to the appropriate github /NewDocs/ site.

Nothing I try works!

Please share the LightBurn version number and which OS release you are using. Is this the same for any/all tool-tip position you are hovering over?

Trying to reproduce here, testing currently using Mac release 1.1.01 on a MacBook Pro. I do not need to select the thing I am hovering over, and I hit F1 and am taken to the appropriate page of the LightBurn documentation.

I am using Windows 10 with Chrome browser.
Lightburn version is 1.1.01

Have you found an answer for me?

I just downloaded the latest update,1.1.02 and the problem isn’t fixed.

Thanks RalphU,that didn’t work either.
I keep thinking it’s something I’m doing wrong but it’s pretty straight forward,hover over the tool and hit F1

Can you go to this keyboard tester site and confirm that the F1 key gets highlighted when press F1?

Keyboard Tester

Also, can you confirm your keyboard type and language setting? There was another issue with shortcuts being changed on translated layouts.

Thanks berainib,
RalphU suggested hitting the fn key,then hover and then hit f1.
I thought he made a typing error but I just tried hitting fn,hover,f1 and it now works!
Problem solver!
Thank you everyone,

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