Faded burn, suggestions?

Just finished my first tile burn! Tweaked around with the first tile but settings were WAY off. Adjusted settings and put another piece down and walla, see posted image. Only question I have is, is why did the etching fade in certain areas??

I had this now and again. Cant be sure is the same but it seems to me that is when i rush the paint job

This seems to be a direct result of an uneven coat on the tile
So the faded part was thinner than the darker part

Try this for a test, maybe on a scrap tile
Give the whole 1 thin coat
Then give a 2nd coat on half
a 3rd coat on 1/3rd

Then do a horizontal burn line a across all 3
The black is not black all the way.

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Also make sure that the tile is parallel to the gantry of the laser - if the laser was perfectly level but the tile wasn’t, or vice versa, then the focus would change for different areas of the burn, and that would affect it.

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