Fail to upload file

with a ruida controller i had an issue yesterday where lightburn crashed of sorts and started as though it was a brand new install…first time ive seen it do this

since then i keep getting a transfer failed when trying to upload a file to the laser and if i just hit start it starts the job, fails to send all the file across so the job stops part way in

i copied the file to a USB stick and ran from there which worked fine but im not sure why i suddenly have this issue

any ideas (lightburn .0.9.09 then upgraded to 10 and have the same issue over ethernet

What does ‘crashed of sorts’ mean? Did it bring up a window that tells you to take a screenshot and send it to lb email? You have the same issue whether you use USB or Ethernet?

Check and make sure your controller memory is not full, and if it is delete some files off the controller.

by crashed of sorts i mean i started lightburn as per normal but it opened up as though it was a first time install…had lost all settings including IP address and scanning offset settings

since this moment i am having a hell of a time sending files

thanks but yes already did that …i seem to be able to delete files no problem but sending them is another issue

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so it turns out there is something wrong with the wifi on the pc thats its running on

sending a file from another laptop and it works correctly - sorry for wasting your time

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