Failed to make a second pass

Hello everyone! I am very happy to know that this forum exists.

I have been learning to use the software for a little over a month and in the last few days I have noticed how when I send an engraving and cutting job to the machine, for some strange reason, the cut moves.

Let me explain: First, it makes the engraving correctly and then when making the cut, it seems as if the machine moves a few millimeters, causing a movement effect that makes the work useless.

I have a 50w Chinese machine that was sold to me as a premium and it works quite well, it is perfectly aligned and clean and it is no more than 2 months old.

I have posted the query in this category because they tell me that hardware is not the problem.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

This can be caused by a couple of things:

  • Idle speed too high (speed between cuts)
  • Idle Acceleration too high
  • Cutting speed too high
  • Improperly configured motor / step controller settings

The last one is probably the least likely, but I’ve seen it a few times. If you do a simple square, set to Fill+Line, if the fill is slanted and the lines are not, it’s the last item on that list, otherwise it’s likely one of the first 3.

The physical build of the machine is likely not, but the configuration they sent you might be. I purchased a 100w machine from China a couple of years ago, and the acceleration settings were really aggressive and caused work to slip until I backed them down a little.

You haven’t shared details about what settings you used with the above designs, so it’s hard to give specific suggestions.

Thank you, I will send more information and parameters shortly.

Before leaving work I have done some tests and realized that the problem may be the recording. It appears slanted, as if it were a recording in italics. Tomorrow I will send photos and parameters.

Thank you very much for the reply.

PD: The machine is a Ruida 644xs 50w

If engraving comes out slanted, read here:

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It has been fixed!
In the last recording on the right you can see that now he does it well.
Thanks a lot!

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What solved it? :slight_smile:
Share so we can learn!

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Excuse me, I thought that marking Oz’s answer as resolved understood that this is the solution :sweat_smile:

Solution: for Laser 50w Ruida 644xs
In the Machine settings for the X and Y axis will be a checkbox called “PWM Rising Edge Valid” - change that from whatever it is now, and that should do it.

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Cool :slight_smile: thank you.
I missed the solution mark… (my bad, not yours)

I really need to start sending invoices to these companies for fixing their machines. :wink:

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