Failed to send file

I have new laser atomstack a5pro 40w after I assmbly it I connect to my laptop open the software try to send file give me massage transfer failed
I try for tow days I don’t know what the problem


What operating system is on your laptop ?

How are you connected? If USB can you try Ethernet. I don’t know your laser to know if that’s possible.

Can you try the cable on something else. Even new cables can have issues :roll_eyes:

As much information as possible will help anyone trying to help so please include it, even if you think it’s unimportant

Let’s hope it’s resolved soon



I have windows 10 laptop and I don’t have Ethernet in my laser engraving machine
Thanks for your reply

These small diode-based systems and their motion control boards do not typically have this advanced communication option. They are inexpensive for a reason. :wink:

You may need to install a driver to successfully talk to the laser. Run the LightBurn install again, last page in process has checkbox to install the driver. Try that and then restart everything. Please update as to how you progress. :slight_smile:

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