Faill to inner cut first after update to 1.2.00

Hi all,

after updating to latest version (1.2.00) the option “cut inner first” stop making any effect on cut optimization , I checked and there is no any open shape that could cause that. Any thoughts?


Please provide the exact steps used to duplicate this behavior. I am not able to reproduce with my simple test.

You can also post your file that produces what you are observing to help us ‘see’ the same as you. :slight_smile:

sure here it goes

for a temporary solution, I managed to change the colors/layers.
inner_first_bug.lbrn2 (840.7 KB)

Thank you for providing this example file. If I add ‘Order by Layer’ in the ‘Optimization Settings’, after ‘Order by Group’, I can produce as you’d like. :slight_smile:

To assist with understanding the different optimization options, what they are for and what effect each has alone and in combination, this is worth review,

thanks for the answer!

I made exactly that for this case, but it seems I now have to change all my files to solve that. Can we wait the solution for the next update?

This looks to be a bug. I’m investigating…

I found another odd behavior after updating in this file, once I open, the layer I put automatic generated tabs (c14) did not work until I click to add manually an tab at this layer, and them all tabs shown up.

Normally when I set a group of lines in this layer, I have to click on add tabs command for lightburn auto generate tabs, but for a file that was previously generated is new to me

I have a working fix for things that are just run with Line mode, but Fills are going to take longer to fix, because they historically did not inside / outside sort, we just ran them all first.

With sub-layers, we have to run all the sub-layers in order, so we can’t just run the scans first, so this is going to take some work to find a good solution.

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