Failure on loading 9.15

Help required upgraded to 9.15 and now it wont run at all and have customer waiting on product

if I run into problems with a new Lightburn Version I will install the latest, working version. Of course, customers do not have to wait … :wink:

Sorry to hear you are having issues and we would like to help, but you have not told us anything beyond it not working. This helps neither of us. Please provide as much detail as to what is happening or not happening as possible so we have something to go on.

You can always use the search tool found at the top-right to look for possible solutions to an issue.

I’m assuming you’ve installed the 32 bit version. This was a temporary issue with the 0.9.15 installer and has been fixed. Re-download and install from our site.

Same problem here. I uninstalled
Lightburn from my computer entirely and reinstalled new (9.15) version from my downloads file. Works fine now. I’m using Windows 7

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