Fast networking question

Hello all.

I would like to buy a camera but I just wanted to make sure it will work with the way I am set up…

Ruida Controller
Mac Computer
Currently connected via Ethernet

As the camera is USB, will the software be able to see it / use it?

Thanks in advance,


The camera needs to be plugged in via USB.

The camera must be plugged into the PC with a USB cable, and if your computer is too far away, you’ll need an active USB 2.0 extension cable. There are 3rd party apps that will let you use an IP camera as though it’s a USB camera, but the resolution won’t be as high.

Thanks, I realize the camera is USB, I just want to make sure that the software can use USB for the camera at the same time it’s using Ethernet for the info file transfers etc. (Basically that it doesn’t turn one off in order to use the other.)

They are independent communication channels and should not cause any issues at all. Both channels are available at the same time.

Perfect. Thank you.

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