Fast Whitespace Scan not working

If I enable this setting and set it to a high number, the preview shows a reduced processing time, but I’m not seeing anything speed up when the job is actually processing. It completes in the same amount of time as it did before. Does this function not work for gcode lasers? I have an xTools at the moment.


You cannot go any faster than the highest maximum speed defined in your firmware. Once you exceed that your machine won’t go any faster but Preview is unaware of your machine’s limitations.

Makes sense, but this thing isn’t going faster at all. It just stays at the same speed. The max speed for the D1 Pro is 400 mm/s. I’m engraving at 170 mm/s. With the white scan set at 300 mm/s, is just keeps going at 170 mm/s. I tried many values and the result is always the same - there is absolutely no change in speed whatsoever.

Does the design that you’re burning actually have areas eligible for whitespace scan?

Good question. What is considered an eligible area? There is nothing in the manual that mentions an eligible area.

Make 2 concentric squares on a fill layer resulting in a square perimeter.

Experiment with different fast whitespace speeds. Does anything change?

You could also confirm by checking generated gcode.

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