Fast Whitespace

I tried to use the fast white space option with my jTech laser that is on a Onefinity CNC and got some very strange results. In areas with small amounts of whitespace or thin lines, like loops in script letters, The machine didn’t seem to slow down and burn correctly, I exaggerated this by doing a 10IPM test at 90% and the laser seemed to just glance over the small bits, and burn a fairly deep engraving in areas where the laser would be firing for a longer amount of time.

I had the fast white space set to 300ipm, which is well within the capabilities of the Onefinity machine, is this due to the machine not decelerating quickly enough to keep up with the laser firing? When I run a file with fast white space off it works great.

Any thoughts or tips are appreciated.


The motion planner in the machine should handle acceleration / deceleration properly so the machine is moving at the requested speed when cutting, though it’s possible that they’re ramping down to the new speed during the slower move instead of before it.

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