Fault with LB and Ruida

I have spoken to Oz about this before but i have seen it again with V09.02

so in LB if i cut a square for example all is ok…but if i move the laser head away from the set origin …and then press go to repeat the same program …the laser beam will turn on and cut all the way from the current position to where the origin is set

in RDworks…doing the same - the head rapidy moves to the origin and then the beam turns on which is how it should be…

you can see the probem on the display unit where with LB the path to the orgin shows as a cut line on the display …

has anyone else seen this issue and Oz are you any closer to fixing it

if you would like to see a video of what i am talking about

this is Lightburn


this is RDworks


in both instances i cut a shape then simply moved the head to another position then hit the start button to run the same program again…

I’m sure I’ve asked you this before, but which model of controller do you have? Also, if you could send me those two simple files, that might help as well.

controller is a 644XG

ill email you the two files