Fault with offset layers

Hello all…

So I previously posted about strange fault that was occurring on my machine. I received some responses, thank you. Unfortunately I’ve been quite sick and my post ended up being closed in the interim.

Hopefully, I can post again and revive some help.

Essentially, I started to notice that the machine was engraving or cutting different aspects of the design in different places.

I design and cut very basic shapes, mostly just blanks, but some with engraving and others with hanging holes.

As the machine produces the design, it’s as if it ‘forgets’ where it is in relation to the rest, and some parts end up in the wrong place.

This misplacement is fairly random, but seems to be when the machine finishes a layer, or part of a layer… for instance it might engrave a few letters, and then go back to the start as it’s moving efficiently to save time, but as it moves again it forgets where it is in relation to the first cuts/engraving and ruins the design.

I’ve also narrowed this down to only happening on the X axis.

The fault appears to get worse the further away from the origin (top right) the machine travels, but only on X

I’ve included some photos and designs to show what the issue is. These are all on the X axis, so moving right to left across the bed away from the origin.

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions for this…

Checked the design,
Checked beam alignment,
Sent the design to someone else for testing,
Swapped the controller for a known good one,
Changed the stepper motors,
Changed the stepper drivers,
Calibrated steps (dozens of times),
Checked all the pulleys and screws I can get to,
Imported the design via Dropbox,
Imported via USB dongle,
Designed on the laptop in lightburn on the machine,
Loosened belts,
Tightened belts,
Consulted 2 engineers so far,

There is probably other stuff as well.

The photos attached represent the issue pretty well.

Interestingly, I just designed a test piece within lightburn with some text, and an offset bubble border.

In the centre of the sheet along X, the text and it’s outline are not aligned correctly.

In the centre of the sheet along Y, they align perfectly.

In terms of design, we use Vcarve to design and then import using Dropbox. I’ve ruled out Dropbox and Vcarve as an issue, as the fault also occurs when I design directly Into lightburn attached to the machine.

I’d appreciate any suggestions, be they software or mechanical at this stage

It’s a Chinese import blue and white JQ machine

Many thanks

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