Feature addition/improvement - shortcut with different profiles using a variable/switch?

I briefly looked for an option to recommend one. I’ve been battling with running my 2 lasers, before I go to a KVM so I can split them up, I was thinking maybe there could be an option to run 2 sessions of light burn from different config files. Maybe have a shortcut switch (maybe you already have one, I havent looked deep into it). My thoughts are, if I could have a shortcut saved for each profile and target just that configuration I wouldn’t have to play the flipping switches game. Currently, I have to turn on one laser, make sure its connected, open a new session and switch it to my second laser. Then turn off my first laser, and now I can send commands to the second laser, and turn the first back on and each session holds control for the laser it uses until I close sessions or reboot. Its the tech equivalent of holding your mouth just right, but it works and maybe, just maybe if there was a way to target a profile/config/session, each would properly target its end point at startup.

This is the website that LightBurn uses for feature requests.

Sign on there and copy/paste/elaborate on your request.

If one person posts there’s probably 5-10 others in the background with a similar want/suggestion. LightBurn takes it seriously and uses it to drive development.

Good luck!

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