Feature behavior change, and a question

Hey there…
So, in version 1.0 and earlier, the following behavior existed:

  • OPEN a lbrn file with three layers.
  • Set power values for 3 layer from material library (2 cut, one engrave)
  • run job
  • OPEN 2nd LBRN file with three layers

engrave layer retained settings from last job
cut layer did not retain settings.

Now, it seems they’re just having random stuff assigned to the layers. The above behavior was helpful / beneficial to me because I group my work and always run 3-5 similar jobs together using the same material in a row. Because it’s no longer working that way, I’m finding I have to double check things (yup, wasted some material before I realized this changed…) which increases my setup time negatively impacting my throughput. Can this be restored by a preference somewhere? I was at one time going to ask why the cut layers didn’t persist :slight_smile:

And to the question. I notice on the lower right a little ‘tool bar’ that controls the resize, etc of the pointer cursor dragging etc. - Can my settings on this persist? and can it be locked or hidden away after I set them? This is not something, IMHO, that should just be hanging out there…

Thanks in advance!

No comments at all? @LightBurn

Please show us what you are seeing. :slight_smile:

Not sure that I am following this. Are you saying cut settings are not being saved in your LightBurn file(s)?

Show us the Settings (gears icon at top-center) pages (all) you have set, and tell us what version of LightBurn you are using.

Thanks for pinging back! I’ll write it up with pictures tomorrow when I’m in front of the ligthburn running computer…

All settings for cut layers are stored with a LightBurn project, and when you OPEN a project, those settings are loaded and overwrite any previously existing settings. If you IMPORT a LightBurn project file, only the shapes are imported, just like importing any other kind of art file.

If you’re saying that when you OPEN a LightBurn project, not all of the cuts/layers settings from the file being opened were restored, and some settings were left from the previous file, that is a bug and it is not intended to work that way.

Yeah, that’s not how it used to work - and I preferred it that way - had that integrated into our workflow for over a year now - probably 4000 jobs, and now I have to change… sigh

If you import a project file, the previous layer settings will be retained. If that’s the behavior you want, you could just delete the shapes in the current file and import the next file.

The way you’re suggesting it has been working for you I’ve honestly never seen. We have some stuff coming, like linked material library layers, that might help. I’d need to understand more about how you want it to work.

as soon as my wife makes a new file or 2 I’ll document what I used to be able to do.
I need to OPEN because I need to write the file name to the laser so I can double check that I’m not doing one twice (more material waste prevention!).

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Are you using ‘Open’ for SVG / AI / DXF? Those don’t contain cut settings because they’re just artwork, so those would actually behave the way you describe.

LightBurn project files contain all the settings for the entire job, so using Open with those will bring in all the settings from the project file.

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