Feature request: Add “Save Layers Setting” to File menu or “Cuts / Layers” Window


In my opinion, LB is a powerful software with excellent features, and if possible, I suggest that new options be added to LB after review.

Users may use other software for vector design such as Corel DRAW Rhino Ai Autocad that can not store the information of the layers required by LB (speed, power, Fill, Offset and etc.)

The user must re-check or change the layer settings for each called scheme, or they cannot send the layer specifications when sharing the file.

Therefore, it is recommended to add the option to save the current layer settings (with the default name of the existing file and the path of the source and extension file such as lbly) and save the layer settings file next to the vector file.

Although at the moment this can be done in the following way (but this method saves the settings of all layers):

After finishing the work in LB, we temporarily delete all the drawings and then save the file " + Layer.lbrn" next to the vector file.


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