Feature Request: Add Setting For Alternate Default File Extensions Like .gcode

I would like to request to add a feature to LightBurn that will allow users to change the default file extension for saving gcode.

The default is .gc and from what I can tell, the only way to change that is to explicitly type in a different extension in the file save dialogue box when saving. Doing this every time can add up to being quite time consuming. I use laser engraving to make dimension testing “drawings” for prototypes and I often have to revise them and re-cut them many times in an hour. Other times, I’m dialing in my laser speeds and intensities for a new material and have to re-run the test many times with different settings. Having to type “.gcode” every time I export the gcode really slows down my workflow, especially if I make a typo and have to go edit the file name.

This feature would also be valuable to people who need .nc or .ngc files and similarly don’t want to have to manually type in the file extension whenever saving gcode.

I think this option would go into Device Settings so people who own multiple laser machines which use different gcode file extensions could have the correct default set for each machine.


Thank you. We like getting user feedback and feature requests. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you. I will submit it there. I appreciate that you’ve made an official specific channel for feature requests.

OK I have submitted this through the new Feature Suggestions page on fider.

If you are interested in this feature, please go check out the feature request over there and give it a vote!


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