Feature Request: Alert Hooks

Hi! Newbie to lasers here. Just want to say first thank you, and how fantastic this piece of software is. It has got me going with a few new projects to introduce me to this new world. This support forum also lead me to correct a backlash issue I had on my Ortur Laser Master 15W (can’t expect everything to be perfect out-of-box!)
You can expect a purchase from me once my trial is over :slight_smile:

Anywho, I’m finding myself doing longer/slower projects and I usually leave the area to do something else. It would be nice if there was a way for LB to run something externally when the software runs into an error or when it completes a job. My use case is to be able to fire a script that leverages Discord notifications (or text/email) so that I am aware remotely.

LightBurn does not and will not provide tools to promote remote monitoring as we believe this is very dangerous. We have seen too many pictures of fires posted with “I just answered the door.” or “I had to take a wee potty break.”. And, want to be able to sleep at night. :wink:


If you keep doing that, you won’t likely need to for long. Google ‘laser cutter fire’ and you’ll find plenty of examples of why we won’t support features like this.


Makes complete sense. Thank you for the replies and wisdom :sweat_smile:

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