Feature request - direction hot keys

Thought I’d add my 2 cents (even though we don’t have penny’s in Canada anymore) Is it possible to add hotkeys to at least the 4 move buttons?? ( X+, X-, Y+, Y-)


This is already done for the next release. The number pad will move the laser, including the diagonals, and at least one of the modifiers works for taking smaller steps (I can’t recall if it’s Ctrl or Shift).

awesome, thank-you


As is the
Shft+ arrow moves 20mm (20.07mm)
arrow alone moves 5mm (5.08mm)
Ctrl + arrow moves 1mm(1.02)
Ctrl+Shft+arrow moves 0.1mm (0.102mm)
Not sure why the increment isn’t exactly and even number.

Those are whatever you set them to:

If you haven’t set them to even numbers, they won’t be even numbers. :slight_smile:

Yep. Thanks. Was it originally in inches or something then converted to those increments when I went to metric?
Or was it that I changed my table size and the increment is a set percentage?
Just seems like an odd default.