Feature Request: Display custom name for cut color presets on mouseover

Finding a previously saved cut color based on the name you saved it as is a pain because (as far as I can tell) the only way to check the name of a color is to change the color of the layer and then see what name shows up. It would be divine if you could make the custom name appear when you hover over the color selector in the bottom left of the UI. As it is now, when you hover over, e.g., the magenta color, you see “C07”. Much better if you could show, e.g., “5mm Plywood” (if that’s what you save as it’s custom name. Then, when you’re cutting something you haven’t cut in a while it will be simpler to find which color you need to use.

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I can do that, but it would only be for cut/scan layers, not image layers, which have their own copies of all the presets.

Great! My thought was only about the cut/scan layers so… bravo!

Yes… this would be an awesome time saver.

Done, in the next release.


Hey OZ,

I have a question about the buttons at the top specifically the “Save” button. When I click on it I get no feedback as to whether or not it has been clicked. On other software like say Autocad when you click on a button you get a visual feedback showing that it is being clicked. Anyway to fix that or is it not worth the hassle?


When you click the button, does it not “indent”? Which OS are you running? For feedback, the filename on the toolbar will have an asterisk at the end if it has unsaved changes, and this disappears after a save.

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Would it be possible to replace the asterisk with the string “(unsaved)”?

I never knew that is what the asterisk meant.

Im running OSX. Yeah I didnt know that about the asterisk either.

The asterisk is pretty standard in editing software, and has the bonus of not requiring translation to other languages. :slight_smile: