Feature Request - Enable Rotary

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times that I run a few tumblers (with rotary), then load another file (non-rotary), and just hit Start! … forgetting to uncheck the “Enable Rotary” option.

Would it be possible to add to a future release, that the “Enable Rotary” option be part of the file?

Or is this already a thing and I’m missing something?


It’s not possible because it’s part of the controller itself - I have no control over that. You’d have to encourage Ruida themselves to make those settings part of the job file sent to the laser.

It’s not possible to set that switch with the file? Similar to the cut setting?


Correct. There is no command I am aware of to set arbitrary controller parameters from a job file.

Maybe the rotary setting can be saved in the .lbrn file and when you open it lightburn can check the laser and see if rotary is enabled or disabled depending on what you saved in the file and show a pop-up telling you if it needs to be enabled or disabled.

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That is something that’s been considered.

Also having it check to see if rotary is enabled and not automatically changing it would be the best option, just Incase the laser is running a job.
You wouldn’t want it to change the rotary setting while it’s running.

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