Feature request -Rotate Short Cut

In a forthcoming release, would it be possible to include a short cut key for rotating an object? Even better would be a tool bar icon too.



There’s nothing currently in the toolbars but you can already use , and . as shortcuts for rotating any selected objects. We will look into adding to the toolbar.

I didn’t know about this one…and in playing just now, realized that Shift-. and shift-, rotate by 45 degrees. I also didn’t know about the modifiers for the Move Arrows in the Move dialog.

I’m guessing you have a shortcut cheat sheet somewhere…probably something in front of my nose that I just never saw? Where can I find that?

EDIT: Just found the Hotkey chart in the documentation…the 45 degree rotation trick isn’t on there, but I did find other things. I’ve got some studying to do!


Thanks Adam! I found it just before you posted…

Thanks Adam

I assumed, incorrectly, that there was no short cut as no reference in the menu.
Note to self “don’t assume!”

And we still have editing and additions to do as well. The link provided is to our in-progress rewrite of documentation, and thus currently,…“Under Construction”.

Also, difficult to keep up with all the great work and feature additions the Devs keep making! Hesitant to ask them to slow down. :wink: We continue the work, adding to this new documentation repository regularly, it is filling out, but this is going to take some time to complete. Thank you for your patience.

No worries :slight_smile: As Rick noted, even the docs aren’t 100% up to date but I’ll at least get that one in there.
There are a lot of features kind of buried under shortcut keys only which we generally hate to do, but it’s a fine balance between verbose menus and a cluttered interface.

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