Feature request - Simple text import for variable text?

Please, can you help me with that, I have to import a CSV for variable text but couldn’t find instructions, how to mask double quotes and commas.

“Top stanje,
top stanje,
top stanje!”

----- Update ------
I just figured it out in some forums how to do that, but it is a pain when I have a lot of this extra signs.
“”“Top stanje,”
“top stanje,”
“top stanje!”""

Could you implement also a smple .txt import where everything will be imported 1:1?
For simple engravings I need only one column, so the delimiters are not needed. For more complicated stuff with more columns we can then use CSV.


There’s a great utility LightBurn leverages for feature requests:

Search there to see if what you’re interested in as a feature has already been suggested. If so, you can comment on it and upvote.

If this feature isn’t yet suggested, here you can initiate the feature request and others can upvote / comment.

If you enter the text in Excel or another spreadsheet tool, and export as CSV, it should do the special encoding for you. It wouldn’t be hard to make a simple single-column text import.

I tested now the behavior of CSV files.

When I import a file into LB and I am baking it pulls the content of the actual file.

If I change the content of the CSV and saving it and do a new baking, the new content is not imported into LB. For that I have to either reload the file via Browse or close and reopen the LB file.

Can you add a simple Reload CSV button to make life easier?

This happens automatically every time the job is sent to the laser, a file, or the preview window. The ‘Test’ function does not reload it for performance reasons.

Can you make feature requests on our feature request site, please?

OK, sorry, will use the feature site from now on.
Tomorrow I will reinstall 0.9.15, have to finish some jobs first.

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