Feature request : X/Y permutation on display

Most computer screens are wider than tall, so for people upgrading their laser to 800 * 400 it would make a lot of sense to be able to display Y horizontally instead of vertically when defining a new laser.

Not sure if I’m clear here, let me know.

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I know this has been mentioned a few times. There is a feature suggestion site here. I didn’t see anything related listed. Perhaps you should create one.

Thanks, I was looking for it :slight_smile:

I’m running an extension and have a 16:9 display (as opposed to something even wider). I used to wish I could rotate the workspace, but with the toolbars and windows on either side, the workspace is pretty square, so rotating wouldn’t gain me much. That, and I end up needing to zoom and pan so much anyway that it doesn’t much matter to me anymore.

Now, if I was running dual screens…probably a different story.

You could also physically rotate your monitor by 90 degrees, and then set the display orientation to portrait.

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