Feature Requests - Equal Spacing Alignment for Circumference and Project Tabs

So what I’d like to see is an alignment button that would equally space 2 or more images on a circomference for round object engraving with equal spacing. I picture it as highlighting all images desired and when you click the button it brings up a box that asks for circomference. You enter circomference and it evenly spaces all images so that when you engrave on a tumbler everything is nice and even. Is that a possible feature addition?

I feel like we could also benefit from being able to work on multiple projects at once thru tabs in the program itself. Is that possible to add or is it available now and I’m not seeing it?

You could easily do this now like this.

The red box represents the circumference of my tumbler and the black items are the work I want distributed (I’m doing this horizontally, but it would work vertically too):

The first shape and last shape are duplicates - you won’t keep the one on the far right. All the objects to be considered for placement must be a single entity, so the circle with the Logo on the left is a group. Select all the black shapes and choose this option: (or V-Centered if you’re doing it vertically)


And now the items are evenly spaced along that distance:

Then delete the duplicated shape on the right (and turn off the circumference guide when burning, or delete it too):

Multiple tabs within a document is a common request, and planned addition.

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