Feature Suggestion?


I’m new here and new to the software but right away I could find it very helpful if there were more preconfigured shapes available like various stars, hearts, arrows, etc., much like in a desktop publishing program such as MS PowerPoint et. al.
Thanks for listening.

Thank you for this post, we enjoy getting feedback and suggestions. So much so, we have a site just for these. Folks post the suggestion and others can vote up the request. We use this information to help set priorities. Please search there first, to ensure you are not creating a duplicate suggestion. :slight_smile:

Having preconfigured shapes makes cutting objects such as hearts and various star shape patterns and other shapes such as arrows and thought bubbles for example much easier rather than having to “freehand” these sort of shapes. These type of shapes are also handy when engraving various items like signs and cutting boards.

Thanks! That’s a big help :slight_smile:

We are continuing to discuss providing some basic Art Library objects, but have not come to a final decision at this time. We see the value in assisting folks with commonly used designs, but doing so pulls time for other projects and features that are ranked higher on the priority list. We listen to our users, and their opinions matter to us. Please add your support via the Feature Suggestion site, as we use that to help prioritize our work.

To help you right now, find these types of shapes…these sites provide a number of options. :slight_smile:



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