Feature suggestion

Since my pc is flaky and randomly crashes, I have intermittently been using bCNC on a Pi to send gcode to my controller. It’s good for that, of course without the great design features in Lightburn.

One very handy thing in bCNC that would make a good feature for LB IMHO is that during a burn it gives a readout in a small panel showing information like which line of code is executing, elapsed time - remaining time - total time, and current laser power. This is useful information that can also be good for troubleshooting a problem file.

Feature requests can be suggested here: https://lightburn.fider.io/

You can also vote on other features you’d like. The devs use this as a way to prioritize what should be done next.

Thanks, didn’t find that part yet :slight_smile:

You didn’t find the feature suggestion that you want in that post?


Feel free to type in that box and hit enter when you’re finished.

It took a long time to get a login confirmation, and it expired before I got it.

I’m trying again.

OK, 3rd try was the charm :slight_smile:

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