Feed Rates for CNC Router

I am adding a PWM Laser with a 5.5 Watt output to my Long Mill CNC router. The software picked up on the Long Mill controller just fine without the laser installed and moves the X and Y motors just fine. I did a test print without the laser installed and just printed the text “TEST” and the whole table shakes since it is moving so fast. What is the recommended setting for the feed rate for a 5.5Watt laser? I’m going to mount the laser this evening.

If it is moving that fast you will probably find that when you get the laser on it will be going to fast to get the burn you are wanting. I think that is something you will have to play with to find the right speeds. depending on what you are engraving on and the results you want will vary.

I am going to try 1200 MM per minute at 72 MM away from the material for starters. Made a T bracket for the Long Mill today and mounted the laser. Now just need to wire it up to the controller. I figure it will take 8 feet of wiring to make it to the controller. Thank you for your help.

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