Feedback / issue with 1.0 array function

Good morning. I recently upgraded to 1.0, I use the array function on nearly every file I design. The majority of my work is making small objects that I can fit 40-100 pieces on the ~20x24" bed of my laser. While I would prefer an auto arrange function like I have in fusion360( I don’t expect it for the price point of this software) I use the array function to fill my material with as little waste as possible.

The new update has added parametric abilities to the array function, which I absolutely love. but i have some feedback , or maybe someone can explain how to work around my issues.

I cannot figure out how to delete a part from the array. Normally I end up having a half of an object hanging over my workspace due to offsetting rows, Previously I would select the object and delete it, I am no longer able to do this and its frustrating. I either have to manually place an object on every row or I have to live with the wasted material.

I cannot seem to figure out how to delete the whole array while leaving the original object. granted i haven’t spent a lot of time on this, what I have been doing is copying the original object, deleting it, then pasting the object back.

One thing that I would like to see add is a way to go back and edit the array later in the work flow. Say after creating the array, which sometimes for me I have multiples on a single file, I find that I have pieces too close together or too close to an edge after my first cut, It would be nice to edit the array instead of having to delete and start over. Maybe I haven’t found this functionality yet though, I am fairly new to the software.

2 things regarding array, 1. see picture, you can change almost everything afterwards just the way you want it. 2.- In lightBurn you can during optimization settings set the program to avoid double line cutting. That is, with the right design, you can minimize your material waste very much.

Well thank you, That makes my life much easier, still trying to learn the program. Didn’t think to right click. I’m used to fusion 360 and having a history bar to edit previous actions

The double line cutting isn’t really a concern for me. the vast majority of what I cut are not simple shapes, But I will keep that i mind If I ever need it

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