Feedback on the Monport Laser

Hi community,

just a question to all? Anyone out there have one of these Monport lasers, a 60 or 80 watt? I was looking at them and the only thing I see out there is the 40 watt. Just wanting to find out if someone has one verses an Omtech and how they like it.


I’ve had the 60w 20x28 MF for a bit over 2 weeks. Coming from a diode laser, it’s night and day. Overall, I’m happy, but there are not as many (apparently) Monport users vs Omtech… so you don’t get as much feedback. If you get one, do the beam alignment, clean mirrors and lens, tighten the belts (a PITA for the y-axis) and make some smoke!

thanks steve,
for feedback, just checking on them.

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