Feedback Request: Locking shapes

Hey everyone, I was working adjacent to some of our locking code and noticed that locking a shape only really locks movement, scaling, and the cut layer. You can still do things like edit text or QR code content, for example. What we’re wondering is, should that also be locked down with the “lock” command. What makes the most intuitive sense for you when you use that command?

  • Lock just locks movement, scaling, and cut layer.
  • Lock locks down everything. The object becomes uneditable unless it is unlocked.

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Dang it. I just voted for the wrong thing. I clicked on it thinking it was going to take me to the fider site for a vote and instead voted for “locks just movement”

I REALLY want it to lock everything. Including when I shift-click a layer color to select everything on the layer i don’t want it to select the locked stuff.

I think he’s also made it not assign colors. It’s more like, do we allow editing shape properties? Changing text in text nodes? The lock option was originally requested just to prevent accidental movement, which it does, but we’re trying to figure out if that should be extended to mean “CHANGE NOTHING” or just things most likely to be done accidentally.

I think I would prefer the “change nothing” approach. Locked is locked.

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