Feelin wolfy kinda

Used the atomstack m50 laser module on p7

Sp 2000 power 23 dpi 299 i think :thinking:


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I like that wolf! I have a bunch of files to send you, both engraving and cutting. I just now tried to send you some files, L.B. said no zipped files. So now I’m going to have to learn who to unzip files. I might have a hundred zipped files and never have gotten around to learning how to unzip yet. I guess it’s time I learn !!
Do a search for free cnc, svg files. That’s how I found almost all of my files. Still getting free files all the time, one of those – that’s cool I’ll get that also.
https://k40lasercutter.com/ – sign up for free with Sam and get lots of free files to do all kinds of stuff.
Click on free the free files tab and start downloading. Your downloads go into a cart and when your ready to check out all you have to do is give your email and first name only. I got got 10 or 12 more just a couple of nights ago. OOPS!, have to run will get back later with you on files.