Fiber & Diode software

I’m Obviously still in the learning stages with both my raycus 20w Fiber laser and my Diode lasers (bacin 5.5w & Atomstack A5 pro 7w). Does anyone know if there is a software that will work for both kinds of lasers?

I appreciate all the tremendously helpful information everyone has given me. Thanks!

Nothing on the market as of today. :wink:

Edit: You can use LightBurn to drive your Atomstack, and could also use LightBurn to prep work for importation into your fiber software. Export your work from LightBurn in AI or SVG format, then import into your current fiber software to run the job. :slight_smile:


Excuse the ignorance, but is there that much difference between how they operate? Differently than an LED and co2, if you understand my question?

Seems like all the same ‘things’ apply. Just moving a lens or mirror over the table or head?

I have a fiber on my wish list (lol), but seems a bummer Lightburn doesn’t support them. Shows how little I know about that group.


I believe the different is processing speed. I have both fiber and diode and the fiber seems to operate much faster than the diode. I’m still new so to this so I may be wrong.

There is a naming issue to be aware of. Fiber refers to the source of the beam, like CO2 and Diode. But when folks refer to “Fiber Laser”, many times they are talking about a Galvo-based delivery system, which is different from a gantry system.

Specific software is required to present jobs to this type of control system, requiring different controls to produce as expected using this motion system. While the task might seem to be the same, ‘engrave this thing’, the systems go about this in entirely different ways from that of a gantry-based delivery system. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. I just ‘assumed’ they were similar enough in operation. I’d like to have one but there are plenty of other goodies I need more and at a lower cost. They still catch my eye.

It seems that if you change types you just start a new learning curve…



Definitely different, and new learning opportunities. I explained to someone who has never seen a laser cutter/engraver before, “…like a saw, they do a thing, but there are different ones, designed differently to accommodate the different “sawing” needs. Saw, yes. But a table saw is different from a copping saw and used for similar but different sawing tasks.”, if that makes sense? :slight_smile:

Since I tried to by a Raycus laser off ebay and ended up with a “knock off” I can’t find a general driver and software to make this thing work? Is there any way to salvage this thing so I can start engraving again?

What power source / controller board drives this system?