Fiber Laser characteristics with a CO² Machine?


I’ve recently come across a Clough42 YouTube Video concerning the use of a Fiber Laser to essentially remove the Pigmentation out of 3D Printed Parts which intrigued me since I 3D Print a lot.

Problems just I only have a 50W CO² Laser, not a Fiber one… Undeterred I still decided to give it a shot without much success as the Material ( ASA ) at first only melts and with increasing Power then starts to charr all without losing its color :disappointed:

Is it safe to assume that no setting will change this for as long as I’m on a CO² Laser akin to how I can’t cut clear / transparent Acrylics with a Diode Laser? :thinking:

A fiber laser is about 10 times higher in frequency than a co2, so it effect materials differently than a co2… If you asking if you can do what a fiber does with a co2, the answer is pretty much no.

People use fiber machines to engrave items on keyboards and other plastics that tend to melt or burn with a co2.

So I’m not clear about what you mean by

I think it’s true… If you want to do this, you’ll need something at least at the fibers frequency.