Fiber Laser (Haotian 100w JPT Mopa M version split laser)

I’m purchasing this, Fiber Laser (Haotian 100w JPT Mopa M version split laser)

Will it work with Lightburn. Also can I run two different lasers (CO2 & Fiber Laser) on one software license ?

Yes and yes.

If the machine run EZCad2 yes, if EZCad3 no…

You need to know what kind of control board it has to be certain…

Some reason you are buying a 100W model… ???

Lenses for 100W or greater cost about 8 times as much money…


That should be a pretty nice laser . I googled it and they say “Split Shape”. I have mostly heard the term split fiber, curious what split shape actually is. Report back please when you get some time on it.

Easy Cad 2. Days Lightburn compatible. Found this in details.

When I purchased my CO2 I was learning. I obtained a 70w unit. Within the year I wished I had gotten something with more wattage. So on this one I decided to get more than I needed so that I wouldn’t be in the same position.

I also will looking at doing some custom mags

Looks like this is the control board
BJJCZ LMCV4-FIBER-M this model

This is how mine is reported to the os…


What are you cutting that you need more than 70W? I mostly engrave and do less cutting… I use a 40W… pretty much what’s in most of the advertised 50W machines…

One of the reasons I got a 60W, I wouldn’t have any different lenses otherwise.

If you are going to purchase more lenses, be prepared for sticker shock…

Go and do a bit of shopping… first you need to find the ones that will handle that much power… then check the price… :exploding_head:

Good luck


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