Fiber Laser Stopped Filling Any Items

Howdy. Today my laser - 30W ComMarker B6 MOPA - changed behaviors and I didn’t intentionally change any settings. It’s probably something silly and I just can’t figure it out but here goes:

Effectively, it will outline but never fill any shapes. This happens even on shapes I know are closed (I started drawing 5mm circles in LB just to make sure).

This also happened between jobs - one time it did it fine, the next time it decided that filling shapes was not going to happen. I have restarted the software, the PC, and the laser several times.

This happens independently of the layer settings (fill, engrave, power, speed, etc). When I look at the preview, the software definitely shows a path where it will be filling the circle in as described in the layer settings, but again, it will only do the outside “frame” of the object. I uploaded a PNG file so you can see that it “intends” to burn the inside but does not.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

If you make the filled area as large as possible, do you get a successful fill?

A small circle may be affected by Timing/Delay settings, and this could help us diagnose.

You can also go to ‘File > Load Prefs Backup’ to restore your settings to a prior time.

I will try these as soon as I get home a little later today. I’ve been testing it with 5mm circles. I should also note that I haven’t intentionally changed preferences or machine settings in Lightburn between jobs - I’ll start by loading that backup when I get back in case I accidentally moused over a bad setting or something. So weird.

Ultimately I removed the laser from Lightburn and reinstalled it. That was not my preferred option but it worked. I did notice when I reinstalled it that somehow (meaning I did this but I don’t remember when, how, or why) I had input min/max frequency settings well beyond specs. I have no idea if that was affecting it (not sure how it could because it wasn’t even trying to fill at any frequency but regardless it’s working now.