Fiber Monport with 30W Raycus with wrong config file

I need help setting up my 30W Raycus fiber laser with lightburn. I started following the instructions for setting things up and when I choose my markcfg7 file, it reads as if my laser source was an IPG_YLP with min frequency 20KHz and max at 200KHz
I don’t want to just run with this file and mess things up. Can someone help me please? Does anyone have a proper file for this setup?
Also under Correction File I get an error:
Invalid COR file e:\software 15\software15\JCZ15.cor

Any knowledgeable input is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Please make copies of all the COR files and markcfg7 files and the like, and place that copy somewhere convenient.

add .txt to the end of each filename (even after the file extension if the files have them) then drag and drop those files into a reply here.

I saw this concern in another post and I’m already asking for files. It looks like you have the common one. Your IPG_YLP also appears identically incorrect. (so far)

Hi John, thank you for reaching out and sorry for taking all day, but work.

Here are .cor and markcfg files
JCZ15.cor.txt (33.0 KB)
markcfg7.txt (10.2 KB)

Pawlsky & John,
I am in need of the .Cor and Markcfg files for my P30Q laser as well… Just curious if you were able to share the correct files on here?

Hi, no I did not get it sorted out.
I dialed in lens correction by myself to the best of my abilities and I’m getting ready to tune delays in a day or two, I was just too busy.

After going back and forth with the manufacturer, they sent me a mkcfg7 file back, but it was the same wrong file that came with the machine. I’m not sure what else does the mkcfg7 hold outside of correction and delays, I wish I knew so I could tune everything in.

I have exact same problem with my monport. I configured it manually best of my ability’s. From what i understand the freq is 20 to 80 but most only use 40-60. The delays confuse me as well. Switched to raycus laser.


I just set up the delays yesterday and used this very video, amazing job explaining the process and what everything means.
Now… I made all the adjustments using EzCad2 and I don’t even know if any of this will work on lightburn since my demo expired because I spent all this time going back and forth with the manufacturer, plus I was discouraged from using the laser because all the BS associated with it. I don’t even know if there are more settings that I will need to tune in because withou the license I cannot open any setting menus.

These setting are in the device settings menu. I don’t know what EZCad does with them…

Suggest you send a note to support and ask about an extension on the free trail… Explain the issue(s)…

They are pretty nice about it…

Good luck


Sorry to step in.
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