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LOVE Lightburn. Using it for 3 lasers, all Ruida controller. Hit something today that don’t know how to do or if it’s possible.

We are doing a lot of runs of custom cuts but have it boiled down to about 15 cut files that we have to start with 2 different origins on the machine. It’s a pain to manually re-origin the machine manually (basically 0,600 and 0,200). Is there a way to have a file that basically moves it to the position and then sets origin? Or just moves there and doesn’t return home so we can set origin?


Is there a reason not to just run the files using ‘Absolute Coords’? If you put the art where you need it to go on the bed of the laser, you never need to set the machine origin at all.

On the Move window, you can enter an exact coordinate and click ‘Go’:

If you ran the job using ‘Current Position’ then you could just enter the number, click Go, then start the job, but doing Absolute Coords would be even simpler.

The next release of LightBurn adds the ‘Saved Positions’ box you see there, where commonly used locations can be stored, and you just jog to one of them by selecting it from the list.

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