File has stopped cutting it's normal path

I have two files that are similar. I’ve designed a set of record dividers that I want to make as gifts for friends this year. I designed the outer shape once and copied it 26 times and added a letter to each copy. I’ve cut this file 3 or 4 times with no problems at all. But now when I try to cut it, I get what you see in the photo. I should note that the laser head gets to the stopping point and moves on. So I don’t think it’s a dirty lens or mirror (pretty new machine anyway). When I do a preview / play it shows the entire line being cut.

Is it possible the file has gotten corrupted somehow? I’m baffled!

Thank you for any help you can offer.

My system info:

Omtech 55w

LightBurn 1.0.04

Windows 10

MSI Bravo 15 laptop with AMD Ryzen chip

I connect to the machine with a USB cable and “print” directly from the laptop, as opposed to sending the file to the machine and starting there.

Did you try the other way, sending it to the machine and running it from the console?

USB is pretty flaky. If possible connect via Ethernet, well worth the change.


Thanks for the reply. I tried sending to the machine and printing from there tonight, but had the same result. I’ll try ethernet next.

Ethernet will always be the winner over USB.

If you don’t mind posting one of the .lbrn2 files, maybe something isn’t right there.

In all likely hood it’s doing what it’s told. Just need to figure out why.

Checked your Min, Max power and jump off speed compared to your cut?


I’d be happy to send a file to you. But here’s what’s weird, as I mentioned, I’ve printed this file almost 10 times with no issues whatsoever. That was even over USB! I sent the file in to tech support and they told me that it doesn’t appear to be corrupted at all. I’m thinking that maybe I just have to recreate the file from scratch now, but then I’m wondering what to do if THAT one craps out.

As a side note, the file was created 100% in Lightburn. Not imported from AI or anything else.

You shouldn’t have to recreate it… We have to start somewhere and maybe a different eye…

Don’t know where else to direct you other than a hardware issue, which I highly doubt. Something has changed.


Ok, finally the USB comments sunk into my brain. I remembered that I had installed a USB hub so I could connect both the machine and camera with one cable.

I removed the hub and viola…it worked. I should have thought of that first. Lame of me. But thank you for your help, it did sink in!

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That’s great…

Mark it as solved so others can find it… :slight_smile:


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