File List Not Showing Files

Need some help. I clicked in the Lightburn Window option to add the Files List. The list was added but no files showed and none of the options, i.e. refresh, were selectable. I closed Lightburn, re-opened and still nothing shows and nothing is selectable. I can delete the files in my computers downloads but when I open Lightburn they are not deleted from Recent Projects. My laser is an xTool D1 Pro.

File List is only relevant for Ruida controllers (or possibly other DSP controllers) and is meant to manage files that have been sent to the controller and are stored there.

There’s no use of that feature for G-code controllers.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Sorry but one more question, how do I delete files I no longer want from the Recent Projects?

I’m not aware of any way of doing that within the program and the list was recently enlarged to hold a larger list. Old files will roll-off the list as new ones are open.

If you can’t live with the list as it is you can edit the prefs.ini file (with LightBurn not running) and remove the recent files you don’t want. There’s a danger in doing this if somehow the file gets corrupted so I’d suggest a backup if you go down this route.

Thanks again Best to leave it be.

If the files no longer exist (or have been moved), the next version of LightBurn won’t show them in the recent files list.

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