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Salve dopo aver installato una nuova macchina,quindi avendone 2 uguali,tranne la potenza, rispettivamente 5 watt e 10 watt, il software non mi fa apparire il file sul foglio di lavoro, il resto, va bene nel senso che è visibile nell’anteprima e posso inciderlo,ma ripeto non mi appare sul foglio di lavoro. Ho notato che se spunto, come impostazione, la prima macchina,il file mi appare sul foglio di lavoro, se invece imposto il nuovo laser, mi dà questo problema

Hi, after having installed a new machine, therefore having 2 of them the same, except for the power, respectively 5 watts and 10 watts, the software does not make the file appear on the worksheet, the rest is fine in the sense that it is visible in the preview and I can engrave it, but then again it doesn’t appear on the worksheet. I noticed that if I turn on the first machine as a setting, the file appears on the worksheet, if instead I set the new laser, it gives me this problem.

If the machine workspace is the same size and the origin is in the same corner the work should land as expected.

Please tell us more about the engravers you are using.

Are you working with the same units of measure in Both machines? If one machine is in mm and the other in inches, the workspace can appear the same but would be scaled by 25.4 times.

Please consider copying and pasting the initial message from the Console window in LightBurn when each engraver connects to LightBurn. This information contains the precise model Name and number of the Engraver, as well as the Firmware revision number. It is very useful to know these details.

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