File not transferring to Ruida 644XG

The files that I send to the Rudia are not loading to the list of jobs. I can save the file under a previous file that has already been used and the design will change to the new. I have updated the software as well as my computer and still have the problem. I am using a MAC if this helps. How do I fix this?

LightBurn or the controller’s firmware?

Are you connected to your laser via USB, wired Ethernet, or wireless? Do you have a ruida 6442, 6445, Ruida clone? I checked your info by clicking your name, but the only info listed for your machine was texmandi1.

You’re using Send (not Start)?

not saving to Ruida’s Udisk?

You may need to format the controller’s internal memory. You can try to delete individual files, but formatting the internal UDisk memory of the controller may be the answer.

FYI: This will clear / erase all jobs saved to the UDisk internal memory.

If you’re using a USB cable to transfer to the Ruida, that seems to be getting less and less reliable with each new MacOS update, and it’s been incredibly frustrating. I recommend using an Ethernet cable to connect directly from the Mac to the laser, and if you don’t have a network port on the computer, you can buy the $30 Ethernet adapter from Apple.

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