File Open and Save As not working

I’ve been using LB on a desktop computer with no problem. I added a second copy to a new notebook computer. Now clicking OPEN does nothing. If I open windows explorer and drag a project from a network folder over to LB it opens it fine. If I try Save As to put it on the notebook nothing happens.

Both computers are running Windows 10 Pro.

On which computer and running which version of LightBurn? :slight_smile: What does “nothing” mean, technically? Can you drag a local file into LightBurn and have it open? Are you saying that Save As from the menu or shortcut is not invoking a Save dialog where you can navigate to a folder of your choice and allow you to save that file?

Computer is an Irbis laptop. I seem to have fixed the problem, when the computer came it was set to Russian language and didn’t have the English keyboard activated, so I had to create my home directory in Cyrillic but then was able to change everything to English. I suspected the Cryllic directory name so I added an English only admin user, then deleted the Cyrillic one and now LB software works great. I’m guessing LB doesn’t like a Cyrillic home directory. Maybe missing quotes around a path someplace or only 8 bit characters used to store path?

So, working for me but might be a problem for others with non-English user names.

That’s interesting. LightBurn uses QT which I believe is fully unicode compliant. I know it can deal with non-ascii filenames and directories. Not sure about home directory.

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