File Print on Laser

I am playing around at home and I notice a File Print on Lightburn software?

Per the doc:

And in color:

The doc will answer many questions about functions you have yet to encounter:

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OMG, should have read this (and checked with my brother) before trying to engrave the photo. Reading comprehension was always my lowest score in high school. I may have messed up the laser’s settings. I am going to give him a call today to see how much trouble I am in.

Remember, you always learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.

Works that way for me, anyhow.


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I just realized I can download the whole document. I am a bit overwhelmed. Had to learn how to move files from computer to phone, Lightburn software and how to post to Laser Community, organize files(i.e. My sister “What was I saying?”, Me “Where was I”)
“It’s gone”, call little brother.