File settings changing on different computer

I have Lightburn installed on my desktop PC in my office, where I am creating files, and on my laptop that’s connected to my Ortur Laser 2. When I save a file to Google Drive from desktop, then open it on my laptop, the cut settings are different. Both computers have been set up the same laser.

How do I get the settings to remain the same from computer to computer?

Are you using Open to load the files, or Import? You have to use Open.

Open since it’s a LB file.

When you say “the settings are different” how do you mean? It’s quite possible that you have the machines configured differently, like one in mm/sec and one in mm/min, or one in inches and one in metric. The speeds would be the same, but shown in different units - like 6000 mm/min is 100 mm/sec.

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