File size of lbrn2 - magic

I was so excited to throw one of my largest files at it:






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Daaang. That’s a good result. :slight_smile:

Yes. I was very impressed. I have several very detailed ornament designs on the work area and several more of them off to the side that I had placed for different jobs using “Cut Selected Graphics”. There is zero use of any images.

I mean holy crap it went from image

Down to image :

The coolest thing about how this works (to me, at least) is that because LightBurn uses internal transforms that handle scale, position, orientation, and skew, if you copy a shape and resize it, rotate it, etc, it’s still just a copy, even though it’s “visually different”. The node and prim connectivity lists will still share until you ‘bake it’, IE node edit or alter it in some way.

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