File Transfer constantly failing

My computer (XPS 15, windows 10, version 0.9.20) is connected by ethernet to three Ruida lasers but often won’t transfer files.

The computer does not have an ethernet port so I am using a Dell USB-C to Ethernet adapter (DA300) connected to a 5 port ethernet switch (TP-link TL-SF1005D). Each laser has its own IP Address.

Lightburn will often find the lasers (and read “Found RDC644XS” at the bottom of the screen) but won’t transfer the 3-5mb vector files I am trying to send.

Sometimes it will transfer small files, such as a single shape, but not the large file. Sometimes it will bring up the file transfer status and get to 5% or 90% and sometimes it will just say “File transfer failed.” 1his has been happening on and off for years with every version of lightburn and multiple USB-C/ethernet adapters.

Sometimes restarting the computer helps and sometimes unplugging the laser ethernet connection helps.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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